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Spare Tires

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    Whenever you purchase a car, you should always check for a spare tire, a jack and the proper mounting hardware.  The last thing you need is to get stuck on the side of the road without a jack nor tire.  It is important to have the proper spare tire for your vehicle.  Cars equipped with limited slip/posi differentials require the use of a full-size spare to prevent premature wear and damage to your differential.

  70-81 Spare

82-92 mini-spare, not for use with Limited-slip/Posi rears 82-92 Mini-spare

85-88 GTA full-size inflatable spare, for use with limited slip/posi, requires inflator 87-88 GTA Aluminum full-size inflatable spare

For use with Posi/Limited Slip differentials

Requires Inflator

82-92 full-size spare, for use with posi/limited slip rears, required inflator 89-92 full-size inflatable spare

For use with Posi/Limited Slip differentials

Requires Inflator, not included

93-96 mini-spare 93-96 Mini-Spare

97-02 spare, clears 12" brakes on most applications 97-02 Mini-spare

Note : Clears 12" brakes, can be used with all 1967-2002 Camaros & Firebirds


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