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Headlight Motors

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82-Early 84 headlight motor, uses 2 seperate connectors 82-E84 headlight motor, used

2 connectors

Late 84-86 Headlight Motor, uses 1 single connector L84-86 headlight motor, used

1 3-pin connector

87-92 Headlight Motor 87-92 headlight motor, reconditioned in house

93-97 Headlight Motor 93-97 headlight motor, reconditioned in house

98-02 Headlight Motor 98-02 headlight motor, reconditioned in house

87-02 Headlight Relay Module 87-02 Headlight motor module


TECH NOTE : 82-86 motors rarely go bad, 90% of the time it is a relay problem.  These motors are interchangeable between years, but 82-83 uses 2 separate plugs that have the same wiring.  An easy way to test the motors to see if the HTS switches are good is too pull and push on the knob.  A clicking should be heard in both directions.  No clicking sound means the HTS switch inside is damaged.

TECH NOTE : 87-92 motors have poor factory clutches.  We replace all the clutches in the units we sell.

TECH NOTE : 93-97 & 98-02 motors require a special procedure for installation.  Improper installation will damage the internal gear. 96-97 cars have a revised headlight mounting panel that improves the mounting angle of the motor to make lifting and closing the headlight assembly less stressful on the gear.

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