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    With nearly a hundred different gauge clusters throughout the 4 generations of F-bodies, we have them all!  Gauges are sold as a complete as a complete cluster including the lens cover.  Please call us with any interchange information, as not all gauges interchange.

Camaro Firebird

  Gauge cluster information
  • Mechanical VS Electrical VS Magnetic drive - All 85 and older Firebirds & 89 and older Camaros use a mechanically driven speedometer (cable).  All 86-92 Firebirds & 90-92 Camaros use an electrically driven speedometer with a gear driven electrical signal converter.  93-02 Camaros & Firebirds use a magnetically driven signal converter. 
  • Speedometer upgrade - All speedometers with higher readings, such as 140 or 150 mph, are interchangeable with 85 or 115 mph gauges with no alterations, as long as replaced with the same year cluster.

Note - Electrical parts carry no warranty and are non-returnable.  We test as many units as possible to ensure a trouble free operation.

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For pricing and availability, email us @ parts@tacreationsusa.com

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