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    There are several other system modules & computers throughout the cars.  These are just a few of them shown.

VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System)

    In 1989 (1988 in a GTA & Corvette), GM introduced their VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System) into the F-body.  The VATS system used a security key, that possessed 1 of 15 different key codes, a VATS module and a starter disable relay.  The security key let the VATS module know that the correct key was in the ignition.  If an incorrect key was inserted, or missing, the VATS module would disengage the starter's solenoid and then shut down a sine wave signal to the ECM/PCM to shut down the fuel injectors.  This system is very difficult to bypass and is one of the best security systems on the market.  All of the 90 and newer ECMs have the security system encoded into the PROM or PCM, facilitating a custom chip or reprogramming for removal.

Keyless Entry System & BCM

    in 93, GM offered a keyless entry system as an option in all F-bodies.  This system uses a keyless entry box and a remote to lock & unlock the doors, along with a hatch release.  In 1996, the vehicles were then offered with an alarm.  93-95 models use a keyless entry box, while the 96 and newer models use a BCM (Body Control Module) which ties all the electronics in the vehicle into 1 module.  93-95 vehicles without the keyless entry system can be converted by adding the box and corresponding door wiring harness.  96 and newer models just need to be programmed.

93-95 Keyless entry module 93-95 Keyless Entry Module

96-02 BCM, uncoded 96-02 BCM, Body Control Module

88-92 Passkey module 88-92 VATS module (PASSKEY)

93-95 VATS module, uncoded 93-95 VATS module (PASSKEY)


***Note - Electrical items carry no warranty and are not returnable.  We test as many units as possible.

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