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  70-81 Pontiac (small diameter flange)

  70-81 Pontiac (large diameter flange)

  70-81 Chevrolet V8 (168 tooth)

78-79 Oldsmobile 78-79 403 Oldsmobile

82-85 Chevrolet, 153 tooth, internally balanced 82-85 Chevrolet V8 (153 tooth)

86-97 Chevrolet, internally balanced, counterweighted 86-92 Chevrolet V8
93-97 LT1 V8

89-95 V6 shown 85-88 2.8 V6 (counterweighted)
89 2.8L-V6
90-92 3.1L-V6
93-95 3.4L-V6

95-02 3.8 V6 95-02 3.8 V6

  98-02 LS1

Chevrolet V8 flywheels

    We couldn't tell you how many V8 Chevrolet flywheels are around, but it is necessary to mate the proper flywheel to the crankshaft for proper engine balance.

  •    Rear main seal type : The flange pattern is different on the flywheels depending on the rear main seal.  They physically cannot interchange.
    • 2-pc rear main seal : For 85 and older engines.  Usually you can identify the flange mark left on the flywheel by noticing the non-circular pattern.  Also has larger bolt circle than the 1-pc rear main seal flywheels.
    • 1-pc rear main seal : For 86 and newer engines.  Usually you can identify the flange mark left on the flywheel by noticing the circular pattern.  Also has a smaller bolt circle than the 2-pc rear main seal flywheels.

85 and older flange pattern   86 and newer flange pattern

  • Tooth count : The amount of teeth on the ring gear.  There are 2 types, 153 tooth (12 3/4" diameter) and 168 tooth (14" diameter).  Each flywheel requires a specific starter.   The 153 tooth flywheel uses a starter with parallel bolt holes, while the 168 tooth flywheel uses a starter with offset holes.
  • Balance : There are 3 different balance forms.
    • Neutral balance : all 86 and older engines, except the 400.  The flywheel is balanced neutrally.  These engines usually have a larger harmonic balancer.
    • Externally balanced : 400 engine only.  The flywheel is balanced according to the engine rotating assembly.
    • Counterweighted : all 87 and newer engines.  The flywheel is neutrally balanced and then a counterweight is added.  These engines normally use a smaller harmonic balancer.

GM 2.8/3.1/3.4 Flywheels

    Ah, the mysterious small GM V6 flywheels.  Although they all use the same bolt pattern and are the same diameter, there are 2 flywheels.  A neutral balanced flywheel, and a counter weighted flywheel.  The 88 and older 2.8 engines use the counterweighted version (left picture), the 89 2.8, and all the 3.1/3.4 engines use the neutral balanced flywheel (right picture).  It is imperative for the proper flywheel to be mated to the crankshaft for proper engine balance. Using the wrong flywheel will cause immediate main bearing failure.

Counterweighted flywheel   Neutral balanced, no counterweight

Pontiac Flywheels

    Basically there are 2 different Pontiac flywheels, one with a small bolt circle, and one with a large bolt circle.  They don't physically interchange.


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